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Smart Meter Enables Demand Management

Energy Tracking has integrated Demand Response (DR) and energy management technology using a combination of the web enabled electric meter (WEM-MX) and the (WEM-IO) which has two relays. This advanced meter tracks the facility's demand (kW) and is polled by the WEM-IO which has user settable thresholds. The WEM-IO can also periodically access a local or an Internet domain web site that can provide a signal to initiate demand management. These options provide for a simple and cost effective solution for load shifting and control.

Demand Response:

Majority of companies see their peak demand highest during the summer months due to the added air conditioning load. This affects the whole sale supply and generation side as demand for energy approaches energy availability. This increases volatility and energy costs that are passed down to end users. Building more generation plants adds to pollution and increases dependency on our limited natural resources. Many Utilities offer Demand Response Programs that offer incentives for reducing loads for short periods during times of peak demand.

Energy Tracking is pleased to provide a simple and elegant method which helps entities reduce their peak demand during the summer season.


The key advantage of our demand response technology is that it enables end users to manage their peak demand throughout the summer or winter season, irrespective of whether they are participating in a demand response program.

This greatly increases the value of our advanced metering system as it can be also used to establish a baseline, enable and enhance energy management by using the meter's interval data reporting capability. In addition, the savings generated using this technology pays for the initial investment.

In light of high energy costs, end users are searching for solutions to accurately track and reduce their energy costs. This advanced meter allows them to do just that.

End users now have a simple and efficient method to proactively manage peak load and reduce demand rather than install a more expensive energy management system. Large corporations can track a demand reduction signal and use their own domain to initiate demand management. Alternatively, they can reduce energy usage during periods of high energy costs.

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